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We are an Australian based acoustic engineering consultancy specialising in the assessment of Noise & Vibration impacts in planning, environment, building and infrastructure


About Us

Enfield Acoustics has grown at a rapid pace and now has offices and staff in Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart. We service both large and small projects and businesses. Our staff have experience in a broad range of acoustics, noise and vibration control in planning, environment and buildings. Contact us at to discuss your next project or if you are seeking employment opportunities.


With offices and staff in Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart, we service both large and small projects and our core clients include:




Town Planners

Project Managers




Property &

Land Developers


Government & Local Councils

Builders & Contractors


Our Clients


We pride ourselves on delivering projects to specification, budget and in a timely manner.


We provide a broad range of acoustic services throughout planning, building design and construction phases. Our team comprises members of the Australian Acoustical Society and our areas of expertise include: 


Buildings, Architects

& Contractors

  • Building Code of Australia (BCA) / National Construction Code (NCC) compliance assessments

  • Building and development approvals, occupancy certification

  • Cost impact and value management assessments

  • Acoustic specifications, soundproofing advice

  • CAD drafting

  • Schools (BQSH), office fitouts, commercial and community buildings

  • Gymnasiums (vibration and structure-borne noise)

  • Churches and Places of Worship

  • Auditoriums and performance spaces

  • Assessment of mechanical plant and services noise and vibration isolation

  • Greenstar acoustic assessments and certification

  • Building inspections, construction defect and PC reports

Town Planning

  • Acoustic reports for town planning applications and approvals

  • Responses and assessments to Council RFI's and permit conditions

  • Traffic noise assessments and glazing advice

  • Assessments to Planning Scheme requirements

  • Child Care Centre Acoustic Assessments

  • Music and patron noise acoustic assessments

  • Residential subdivisions and land restrictions / covenants

  • Review of Precinct Structure Plans (PSP) and Scheme amendments

  • Acoustic Assessments for Licensed premises, bars, clubs, restaurants, live music and entertainment, studios

  • Assisting Council's with application reviews and drafting of permit conditions

  • Assistance with masterplans and subdivision restrictions

  • Standard Assessments: Better Apartment Design Standards, Clause 55, Clause 53.06 of the planning scheme


Environment & Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure noise modelling and assessments (road traffic, rail, aircraft, ports)

  • Environmental Effects Statements

  • Land resources and materials (mining, quarries, batching and recycling plants)

  • Energy suppliers (gensets, power stations)

  • Factory plant designs and procurement assessments

  • 3D noise modelling (CadnaA), propagation and contour mapping

  • Noise mitigation advice and design for commercial and industrial premises

  • Community, Authority and stakeholder consultation

  • Standard Assessments: SEPP N-1, NIRV, SEPP N-2, EPA 1254, AS2107, AS3671, AS2021, sleep disturbance impacts.

Compliance Testing

  • Planning compliance testing for Council's

  • Noise complaint investigations

  • Liquor Licensing Assessments

  • NCC / Building Code, Part F5, Site Testing for Impact and Airborne Sound Insulation

  • Acoustic testing for industrial and factory noise licenses

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) noise testing

  • Unattended and attended noise monitoring packages

  • Impact Tapping Machine available


Construction Monitoring

  • Noise and vibration monitoring (demolition, ground, piling and excavation works)

  • Noise and vibration monitoring equipment hire to 3rd parties and consultants

  • Remote monitoring equipment available with real time results and automated email/SMS alerts

  • Noise and Vibration management plans for construction

  • Monitoring and protection of structures and heritage buildings

  • Assistance with construction contracts and amenity clauses

  • Human comfort and building damage vibration surveys

Turnkey Noise &

Vibration Control

  • Project management of suppliers and contractors

  • Soundproofing investigation and upgrades

  • Acoustic attenuator and enclosure design and fabrication for mechanical and refrigeration plant

  • Vibration isolation and floating floor design


Legal & Expert

Witness Services

  • Acoustic expert witness and evidence statements

  • VCAT, RMPAT, planning hearings and panels

  • Commissions, Building and Contract Disputes

  • Technical Peer Reviews

  • Assistance with lease agreements and technical writing


Contact Us


Managing Director: Darren Tardio

Mail: PO Box 920, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Melbourne: (03) 9111 0090

Brisbane: (07) 3435 1535

Hobart: 0499 049 212

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